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Volvo XC70

Itís about summertime which is prime time for many to partake on camping holidays in the great outdoors. When camping various kinds of equipment are needed to ensure that oneís trip is good. For those who enjoy camping in the great outdoors, the Volvo XC70 is a good choice. While this model is a bit pricier than some other camping approved vehicles, you really get a return on your investment.

The Volvo XC70 has excellent cargo storage. The maximum storage room in the Volvo XC70 measures 72.1 cubic feet. This is approximately 10 cubic feet more than most other cars in its class. This is important when selecting a vehicle for camping. With all the supplies and provisions needed on a camping trip, storage is essential. Also, another feature of the Volvo XC70 is that it also has excellent towing capability. In fact, its maximum towing and payload is 3,307pounds.

The Hill Descent control found in the Volvo XC70 makes for a smoother ride when traveling on steep and rough terrain. The Volvo XC70 comes with effective traction as well as comfortable seating for both driver and passengers. In fact, the design of the front seats has been approved by chiropractors.
The Volvo XC70 is a good choice for todayís world. The vehicle is designed to save fuel. The body of the car is made from 85% recyclable materials.

Additionally, the Volvo XC70 comes equipped with an advanced emission control. The system is designed to remove most of the emissions from the engine exhaust. These would include harmful carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides. Another aspect of the Volvo XC70ís design that saves fuel is the brakes. When these are applied extra power is fed to the battery. If you are looking for either a new or used vehicle to also use for camping, check out the offerings at

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