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The newest version of the Vauxhall Corsa is a great edition to Vauxhall's revamped new range of cars. Where Vauxhalls in the past may not have been the aesthetically appealing cars, the new models sport some of the best looking designs on the market.

The new Vauxhall Corsa is a design masterpiece, giving off a powerful and sleek vibe. To highlight these attributes, Vauxhall have released the Nurburging edition – a car built around the lines of the Clio Sport or the Saxo VTR. The Nurburging edition heads the Corsa range with a price tag of around £22,000, a far cry from £8,995 entry model. If you are wanting to see these models head over to

For this price, you get a 1.6i Turbo charged 16 valve engine and a host of sports specifications. The car is designed for performance and the idea of having that much power in a small car is one of the most appealing prospects in driving for many motorists. You only need to look at how the Clio Sport captured imaginations to see the potential of a small super-powered car.

The Vauxhall Corsa Nurburging achieves a top speed of 145mph. It musters up an incredible 200bhp and can do 0-60 in a jaw dropping 6.5 seconds. To get this kind of performance for around £22,000 is something that can only be achieved by buying a car of this ilk.

The Nurburging won't appeal to everyone; the Corsa’s general appeal is as a practical small car that is lean on fuel and reasonable in terms of insurance and tax. The entry level model costs only £8,995 and is powered by a lean burn 1.0 litre engine. The ecoFlex editions are a diesel variant, offering even better fuel economy.

The Vauxhall Corsa range is so broad there’s a specification for everybody’s tastes. It could be argued that the new Corsa is one of the few cars that’ll have near universal appeal, from the budget editions right up to the sporty Nurburging. The Nurburging will go a long way to shaking the dust off peoples previous conceptions of the Corsa.

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