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Reduce the Cost of Running Your Car

Everybody wants to save money. Unfortunately though, running a car and saving money don't often go hand in hand. On the contrary, the cost of running a car from day to day is more than likely one of your biggest ongoing expenses. However, by shopping around for gas and insurance prices and by caring for your vehicle, you stand a far greater chance of reducing the annual costs of driving.

Get Cheap Car Insurance

Car insurance can be very costly, so it is essential that you shop around to get the best possible quote. Instead of going direct to the major insurance companies, you should make use of the many car insurance price comparison sites. These will give you the best prices from all available insurance companies including Autoline, Geico, and Nationwide. Several other factors such as installing security devices and not customising your ride too much will also reduce costs. Finally, don't lie on your insurance form. If you do ever need to file a claim, insurance companies will always check your details in order to avoid paying out. If you've lied, it will void your claim.

Look After Your Ride

The cost of running a vehicle can increase dramatically if you don't take care of it. It's common sense really, but you'd be surprised at how many people thrash their vehicle around and then wonder why their automotive outgoings are so high every year. Incorrect gear selection, riding the clutch and revving too high will all contribute to the deterioration of your vehicle and should be avoided at all costs. In terms of vehicle maintenance, having regular oil changes and services are a must. Sure, it will cost you more in the short term, but the long term savings will be significant.

Shop Around for Gas

The price of gas is undoubtedly the biggest ongoing cost of owning a motor vehicle. And unfortunately, the cost in the past few years has increased massively, and on a global scale. In the past, shopping around for the best gas prices would have meant trawling from station to station. However since the birth of smartphones and tablets, applications now exist which enable you to determine the cheapest possible gas prices in your area. The cost of these is a pittance compared to the potential savings you could make, even on your first fill up.

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