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NASCAR Betting

Now that summer is here, one sport that attracts a lot of attention is NASCAR racing. The sport occurs throughout the entire summer and doesn’t officially end until fall. Races occur weekly which means not only are there are lot races to watch but just as many to bet on as well. Typically, fans are the ones who place the most wagers on NASCAR. As with any type of sports betting, it is ideal to know a little about the sport to place the best wagers. This is easier for fans to accomplish.

NASCAR is an ever-changing sport. These changes can even occur during the season which can have an impact on sports betting. For example, the teams in NASCAR continually strive to make their cars go faster. This endeavour is one frowned upon the governing body of the sport who constantly keeps safety in mind especially after the tragic death of NASCAR superstar, Dale Earnhardt, in 2001. New rules can be enacted at anytime which can adversely impact certain teams changing the odds of their driver winning. It can also make lesser known teams more attractive as possibly winning. Knowing this information can help influence your picks.

While placing NASCAR bets can require some intense thinking, taking a break and enjoying some fun is ideal. The slot machine game, Motorbike Monkey, is an ideal option to play at an online casino like JackpotCity online slots. Motorbike Monkey is a five reel slot machine. Players can choose to be on a maximum of 25 paylines. Various symbols can be found in the game including multipliers which can substantially increase your line wins up to 5 times. A wild symbol is also included in this game. Appearing anywhere on reels one to four, the wild symbol can take the place of any symbol but the free spin symbol.

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