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Mustang Concept Car

Mustang Concept Car

The Mustang Giugiaro concept car is a one-off design study by Fabrizio Giugiaro, styling director of Italdesign. Although Ford officials aren't saying anything, there is speculation that Giugiaro concept might preview some aspects of the next-generation Mustang.

Mustang concept car

This Mustang concept car appears more compact than the production car, beacause of a reduction of the rear overhang and a signature Giugiaro “trick” of tapering the angles on the car to the limit of its mechanical outlines. The vibrant orange concept is also wider than the production version.

Mustang Giugiaro concept car

The 500 horsepower car features a single curved glass panel that bridges the windshield and rear window, serving as the concept’s roof.

Mustang concept

Ford Mustang concept car for auto enthusiasts.

Ford Mustang giugiaro concept car  

A concept car with nice forward looking design.

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Mustang Concept Car

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