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Green Cars

Mazda Taiki Concept Car

Mazda Taiki sports car reflects a possible direction for a future generation of Mazda sports cars aimed at a sustainable society. Mazda Taiki, evolves the flow theme to establish a breathtaking presence and visually expresses the atmosphere - called taiki in Japanese - that wraps the Earth in its protective mantle.

Mazda concept

The Mazda Taiki has the next-generation RENESIS rotary engine 16X, which sets new standards for environmental and driving performance, a front-engine rear-wheel-drive layout, unique 2-seat configuration. The effect integrates perfectly the design theme to realize unbeatable aerodynamic performance.

Madza concept

Mazda concept

The cabin precludes any sense of symmetry or adherence to any prescribed design doctrine. Each part embodies flowing wind, instilling a light, airy feel, that also creates an organic, dream-like ambience.


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Mazda Concept Sports Car

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