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Classic Sports Cars

Classic Sports Cars Still Hot Today
by: Walter Shuler

While the world of automotive tuning and customization seems centered on imports and today's cars, the classic sports cars of yesteryear are still smoking hot. These cars have an amazing propensity for power, speed and beauty. That combination makes them prime candidates for restoration, customization and, especially, racing. Here are a few of the hottest classic sports cars:

Dodge Charger

The Dodge Charger concept car debuted in 1964, but had to wait until 1966 to become a reality. Before the '66 model, the Charger was nothing more than a vague dream and an option package on the Dart GT. However, once it was created, the Charger became a mainstay of the sports car world, until its eventual decline in 1978. In its heyday, the Charger embodied the muscle car dream of sleek styling, unbridled power under the hood and head-turning good looks. The Charger was rereleased in 2006, as a 4-door sports car.

Ford Mustang

Few sports cars capture the imagination quite the same way that the Ford Mustang does. This mainstay of the sports car realm has seen many incarnations since its debut back in 1964. Since that time, the Mustang has gained a hold on the hearts and minds of millions of drivers, all around the world. The Mustang consistently held to the image of a two-door sports car, though some iterations were sportier than others were. The redesigned Mustang that debuted in 2005 traces its roots back to the classic designs of yesteryear.

Chevy Camaro

Introduced in 1966, the Camaro was one of the original "pony cars" of the muscle car era. The Camaro was created on the Firebird body, and was designed to compete with the Ford Mustang. The car quickly gained a loyal following, due to the aggressive bodylines and stance, as well as the powerful engines. With fast track times, easy modification and great looks, the Camaro was one of the most popular classic sports cars of the muscle car age. While the Camaro was discontinued in 2002, it has also been redesigned and will debut as a 2010 model, with a design that combines modern influences with the best of classic Camaro design.

These are only three of the most popular classic sports cars of yesteryear. Others include the obvious choices: the Corvette, the Firebird, the Challenger and many others. While the age of muscle cars may have ended, the renewed interest in these iconic cars has initiated a new age that seems set to bring the sports car back into prominence.

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