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Chevrolet Concept Car

Chevrolet Concept Car

The Chevrolet WTCC Ultra has got what it takes to be a star. Not just because its rear spoiler shoots so brashly up towards the heavens. The bold and aggressive design of the sports car study takes the Chevrolet body language to the extreme.

"We wanted to explore the concept of a Chevrolet muscle car reinvented for Europe," says David Lyon, Executive Director GM Asia-Pacific Design.

Chevrolet concept car

The Chevrolet WTCC Ultra concept car is equipped with a powerful 1,991 cm3 diesel unit generating 139 kW/190 hp. The basic version of the four-cylinder engine is the common rail unit with four-valve technology and variable turbine blade geometry currently powering the Chevrolet Captiva and due to go into the Epica from spring 2007.

Chevrolet concept car

For Ewan Kingsbury, the Lead Designer of the WTCC Ultra, "aggressive", "muscular" and "dramatic" are the words that first spring to mind when he is asked to describe the design of the new project. "As the chosen theme of the car was a concept racecar, this immediately gave me license to push the passion and aggression of the styling to the extreme".

Chevrolet concept front view  

A concept car that celebrates Chevy’s racing heritage with a very forward looking design.

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Chevrolet Concept Car

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