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Sports Cars - Fast Cars - Exotic Cars offers an online database with pictures, specifications, wallpapers and deals on all different types of sports cars.

Sports Cars Sports Cars
See the marvelous fast sports cars complete with many pictures and specifications. Sit back and enjoy!

Exotic Cars Exotic Cars
Take a look at these tuned up exotic cars - what a difference!
Care for having your car tuned up?

Wallpapers Car Wallpapers
Spice up the look of your desktop with these high quality wallpapers of super sports cars. Your PC will never look boring again!

Car Articles Car Articles
Tips to prevent car theft, safe driving tips, how to save fuel, how to choose the right car, how to keep your old car running like new, hot cars, and more ...

To own a beautiful sports car is everybody's dream, glamorous and thrilling they usually come with a heavy price tag to match, with most models starting in the upper tens of thousands, the coveted, luxury sports cars can surpass a million.

McLaren Super Sports Car - The new McLaren super sports car - MacLaren MP4-12C.

Ford Mustang 2010 - New muscular, sculptured exterior design for the popular sports car ...

E85 Viper World Speed Record - New world record for a street car in the standing mile ...

2009 Dodge Challenger Video - Detailed video of the brand new super sports car ...

2009 Corvette Coupe Video - Detailed video of the Corvette and a nice Porsche Panamera Ride

Audi R8 GT3 Video - The new race sports car from Audi. And the Audi R8 FSI Quattro

Lamborghini Murcielago Video - The glorious Lamborghini Murcielago sports car.

Drag Race with Sports Cars - Drag race between Corvette ZR1, Ferrari 599 GTB, Porsche 911 GT2 and Nissan GT-R.

Tesla Sports Car - Test drive video of the Tesla Roadster electric sports car. George Clooney Has A Tesla , too.

Car Crash Video - An amazing race car crash caught on video ... Formula One Car Crash Video

Many more cars and new features coming soon. Stay safe - Don't drink and drive!

Sports cars, fast cars, cool cars, exotic cars, hot cars - pictures, specs, wallpapers, articles, news.

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